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Annual VVA Family Member Scholarship Awardees 
Sponsored By Ruth May Sehberry
Presented by President Ray Furlong and Committee Members


Annual VVA Family Member Scholarship Awardees
Sponsored By Ruth May Sehberry
Presented by President Ray Furlong and Committee Members

vva fromm scholarships.jpg

Marilyn and Cliff Fromm accept scholarships on behalf of Grandson Sam Bethon and Granddaughter Ariana Fromm.

vva scholarships luzon family furlog committe.jpg

Kristen Luzon accepts scholarship with family.  

vva scholarships medina.jpg

Pete Medina accepts scholarship on behalf of Granddaughter Megan Medina

vva scholarships braunagel family committee.jpg

John Cahill receives scholarship with family. 

VVA scholarships best braunagel III family.jpg

John Braunagell III accepts scholarship with family. 

vva scholarships luzon,Nicholaides, Braunagel,Cahill.jpg

Scholarship Recipients 
Kristen Luzon, Amanda Nicholaides, 
John Braunagel III, and John Cahill 


Annual VVA 333 Family Member Scholarship Awardees 
Sponsored By Ruth May Sehberry

Amanda Nicolaides is the granddaughter of Al Bevilacque
John Braunagel III is the grandson of deceased member Gene Sullivan
Elizabeth Dudek is the granddaughter of deceased member Jim Murphy



Amanda with grandfather Al Bevilacque, her  mother and the Scholarship Board Members. 


Elizabeth with her mother, Colleen and Scholarship Board Members.

Ruth May Seberry Veterans Scholarship Awardees 
Rockland Community College Scholarship 
Cristian Diaz and Jean Micheal Ryan, Army Afghanistan Veterans

The scholarships are named in honor of Ruth May Seberry, a lifelong Rockland County resident who provided for Chapter 333 in her estate. Seberry, who passed away in 2004, had inherited a large estate, but worked and lived frugally throughout her life. Each Rockland Community College scholarship has specific criteria, but all require the applicant to have county residency and an Honorable Discharge or to be the spouse or child of a service member who was killed in action. 
The Vietnam Veterans are dedicated to ensuring that, "Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another," and they offer emotional and financial support to recent combat veterans, in addition to helping the veterans of their era.

Each semester Rockland Community College enrolls more than 200 students who are U.S. military veterans. The Veterans Lounge, funded by the RCC Foundation, gives them a more veteran-friendly campus with a place to socialize with others who may share their common experiences and memories.  


Cristian Diaz and Scholarship Board Members

North Rockland High School Awardees 
Rockland Community College 
Jemalin Revolorio
Genesis Torres
Devon Malora


Annual VVA Family Member Scholarship Awardees.

Each candidate received a check to further their education. Amanda is a graduate of Clarkstown North H.S. and will continue her education at Oneonta. John is a graduate of Monroe Woodbury H.S. and will continue his education at James Madison University.


Amanda Nicolaides is the granddaughter of Al Bevilacque


John Braunagel - Grandson of Gene Sullivan

2019 VVA 333 First Patriotic Scholarship Recipient 


Gabriella receives a $500 as the first Patriotic Scholarship winner. She is a recent graduate of Clarkstown South H.S. and has been a volunteer with Chapter 333s' Hand Cycle program for over 6 years. She has attended many events raising both money and veteran awareness. 

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