Pig Roast 2021


Margarite Carmondy met our VVA pig roast shoppers and spontaneously purchased all of the pig roast supplies at Costco in honor of her father, Daniel, a past VVA 333 member who passed away 20 years ago. 


Daniel Carmondy

Marguarire Carmody y family 060521.jpg
VVA Group - Margaret. 070121.jpg

The honor continues at the VVA 333
         membership meeting 

Marguarite Family y some guys.jpg

Her family was invited and honored at the pig roast. 

Group w Bill 060521.jpg

William Winder was honored for his book
     "The Other Side of The Nightstick"

Roy y Marcus 060521.jpg

Roy and Marcus

the cooks 060521.jpg

 The Cooks 

Hand Cycle.jpg


bill, rocky & Ed 060521.jpg

Bill, Rocky and Ed

The Servers.jpg

The Servers

pig c.jpg

      The Guest of Honor 
Thank you for Your Sacrifice