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Members In Action

vva 24 suffern street fair.jpg

Crack of Dawn till Dusk Crew at Suffern Street Fair 4-21-24

Incoming President, John Mastrandrea, leads the troops at the Nyack Street Fair collecting $480 on April 14, 2024

vva 24 nyack st fair 4-14.jpg
vva 24 Lauren Shields organ presenter.jpg

Lauren Shields Presents to Membership About Organ Donations and Recipients

VVA 333 Honors the Loss of Brother Jay Fink
Memorial Service March 1, 2024

vva jay fink color quard best b4.jpg

VVA 333  Color Guard

vva 24 Jay Fink Memorial Speakers 3.JPG
vva jay fink memorial service b1.jpg

Family Members

vva jay fink pledge b6.jpg

VVA 333 President Ray Furlong And Chaplain Marcus Arroyo 

vva jay fink table b3.jpg
vva 24 Jay Fink Memorial Visitors 5.JPG
vva Chaplin service 24.jpg

The Four Chaplain Service was held on 2-4-2024 at Immaculate Conception Church in Stony Point. It commemorated the sinking of the USS Dorchester in the North Atlantic while transporting troops to Europe during WWII

VVA 333 Visits Palisades Mall
12- 16-23

Gold Star family brothers Glenn and Robert Perrone visit Chapter 333 to make a donation. 

VVA 333 Fundraiser at Mall 11-24-23

VVA 333 Visits Suffern Street Fair 10- 15-23

vva 23 fundraising Oct Suffern street fair 1.jpg
vva 23 fundraising Oct Suffern street fair 2.jpg

 VVA 333 Visits Nyack Street Fair 09-10-23

Troops From VVA 333 Recieved Generous Support and Love from the Pearl River Shoppers During Their Aug 27 th Fundraiser.   

VVA 333 at Suffern Street Fair May 7

NYS VVA Conference Tioga Downs, NY, April 28-29, 2023

Howard Goldin, Ned Foote NYS  VVA President, Eddie Frank

Nyack Street Fair April 16, 2023

Our Members Continuously Serve the Community by Fundraising at the Palisades Mall on 12/16/23 and 12/17/23

vva 22 fundraising dec palasades mall 2 b .jpg

VVA Chapter 333 Palisades Center Mall Handcycle Fundraiser 11/25-11/26

vva 22 handcyle fundraising nov c.jpg

Ray Furlong, Richard Rossi, Tom Carroll, Don Pilllar and Roy Tschudy

vva 22 mall 2 nov.heic

Don Pillar, Richard Rossi, Tom Carroll, Ray Furlong, and Roy Tschudy 

Brian Barnett, Tom Carroll, Roy Tschudy, Bruce Mc Clintock, Don Pillar,
John Mastandrea, and Richard Rossi

Korean War Veteran, Arthur Glasser, Burial
November 22, 2022 

vva burial Glasser c.jpg
vva Glasser burial 2 c.jpeg
vva glasser burial 3 c.jpeg
vva buriL GLASSER 4 .jpeg

Nyack Street Fair 2022

vva nyack fair 22 a.jpg
vva nyack fair 22 b.jpg

VVA-333 held a fundraiser today, Sept 11, 2022, at the Nyack Street Fair.  We took solemn moments at the precise times that the Twin Towers and Pentagon were struck and the S. Tower collapsed, 8:46, 9:03, 9:37 and 9:59 to pay our respect. Our chapter president, Ray Furlong, rang a ceremonial bell three times and our attending troops gave a hand salute while Taps was played. It was truly a heartwarming moment.

Cliff Fromm

Suffern Street Fair May 1, 2022

Viet Suffern St. Fair.050122.jpeg

VVA 333 is represented at Nyack Street Fair 4/10/22 by Ray Furlong, Dominick Ferrara, Don Pillar, Cliff Fromm, Roy Tschudy. Not in photo: Tom Carroll, Jay Fink, Richard Rossi, John Palmero

St Patrick's Day Parade in Pearl River, NY on March 20, 2022


On March 12, 2022, VVA 333 and Rockland County Marine Corps League provided a final salute to Richard Frankovitz, a former Navy Corpsman with the 3rd Marine Division

Funeral a 031222.jpg
Funeral d 031222.jpg
Richard Frankovic... 031222.jpg

2021 Holiday Season Gold Star Family
Glen Perrone and Wife Support the Hand Cycle Program with VVA 333. 

VVA333 Mall_edited.jpg

Richard Rossi, Paul Mattern, Cliff Fromm and Granddaughter Emma, Don Pillar, Bruce McClintock, Jay Fink, Roy Tschudy

Dominick Ferrara. 111021.jpg

Dominick Ferrara chosen as Rockland County's "Marine of the Year"  2021. 

Bruce - Dom a 010622.jpeg

Dom Ferrara is nominated the 2021 Rockland County Marine Corps League Veteran of the Year due to his continued dedication to many programs including the Marine Honor Guard and Toys For Tots. L-R Rockland County Assemblyman 
Mike Lawler, President Roy Tschudy, Dom Ferrara and Bruce McClintock

VVA333 Mall...112721.jpg

Cliff Fromm, Don Pillar, Bruce, McClintock, Tom Carroll,
Ray Furlong, Roy Tschudy


VVA National Convention 2021: Marcus Arroyo, Eddie Frank, Outgoing National VVA President John Rowan, Incoming National VVA President Jack McManus, Roy Tschudy, Howard Goldin, Frank Mahoney

V V A Chapter 333 Honors Johny Joey Jones


Nyack Street Fair September 2021

Nyack St. Fair c 091221.jpg
Group w Bill 060521.jpg

VVA 333 friends honor William Winder and his book "The Other Side Of The Nightstick" 

Jay Fink, Roy Tschudy, Cliff Fromm, Ray Furlong, 
 Roger DuPont , Richard Rossi, Paul Mattern
April 2017 Nyack Street Fair.jpg
Nyack St. Fair a 091221.jpg

Phil Tisi's wife, Alicia, receives a plaque in his honor. 6/03/2021

Chapter 333 Members.jpg
Group Photo
Nyack Street Fair April 2017

Eddie Frank, Pauline Laurent, and Howard Goldin in Vietnam in 2019. Pauline is the widow of Howard Query who was KIA May 1968. VVA Chapter 333 sponsored her Vietnam trip to participate with the Schools To End Poverty Group, in a memorial service for her husband. 

Al Dagistino & Lee Pelton with Charter Members' Plaque 
Gold Star Family, Yolanda Lopez, Glenn Perrone with Members Howard Goldin & Roy Tschudy.
POW Day.jpg
Howard Golden,4/23rd,25th Infantry, Tay Ninh, April 10 1968 
Bill Winder, 1968, Queens Mountain Range
Bill Winder, 1980, NYPD Medal of Honor
From the left Jay Fink, Marcus Arroyo, Roy Tschudy, & Volunteers Emma Bethon & Harry Esmez
Board of Directors - Howard Goldin, Eddie Frank, Roy Tschudy, Don Piller, Ray Furling, Roger DuPont, Al Dagistino 
Welcome To Nam.jpg
Roy Tschudy
Roy Sandbags Bunker.jpg
Roy Tschudy Sandbag Bunker
Eddie Frank aboard Tango 49 Transiting Grand Canal, Thuy Nhon.
Eddie Frank 21st Birthday,
Grand Canal, Phouc Xuyen.
Vietnam IV (1).JPG
Cliff Fromm
Tom Carroll - Long Binh
Nam Jay & Budda Twin.jpg
Jay & Budda
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