Members In Action

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VVA 333 friends honor William Winder and his book
        "The Other Side Of The Nightstick" 

Jay Fink, Roy Tschudy, Cliff Fromm, Ray Furlong, 
 Roger DuPont , Richard Rossi, Paul Mattern
4/2017 Nyack Street Fair
Al Dagistino & Lee Pelton with Charter Members' Plaque 

Phil Tisi's wife, Alicia, receives a plaque in his honor. 6/03/2021

Group Photo

Eddie Frank, Pauline Laurent, and Howard Goldin in Vietnam in 2019. Pauline is the widow of Howard Query who was KIA May 1968. VVA Chapter 333 sponsored her Vietnam trip to participate with the Schools To End Poverty Group, in a memorial service for her husband. 

From the left Jay Fink, Marcus Arroyo, Roy Tschudy, & Volunteers Emma Bethon & Harry Esmez
Gold Star Family, Yolanda Lopez, Glenn Perrone with Members Howard Goldin & Roy Tschudy.
Board of Directors - Howard Goldin, Eddie Frank, Roy Tschudy, Roger DuPont, Don Piller,  Al Dagistino Far Right 
POW Day.jpg
Howard Golden,4/23rd,25th Infantry, Tay Ninh, April 10 1968 
Bill Winder, 1968, Queens Mountain Range
Bill Winder, 1980, Medal of Honor
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Roy Tschudy
Roy Tschudy Sandbag Bunker
Eddie Frank aboard Tango 49 Transiting Grand Canal, Thuy Nhon.
Eddie Frank 21st Birthday, 3/8/1970, Grand Canal, Phouc Xuyen.
Tom Carroll - Long Binh
Cliff Fromm
Jay & Budda